Some facts tourists should know about Hanoi summer

Some facts tourists should know about Hanoi summer
UPDATED: 20 Nov 2017 101 Views

Here are the 4 facts about Hanoi’s summer that you should know before you come to Hanoi.

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The same temperature, but hotter

Hanoi’s summer is very hot with an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, lasting from May to August with July as the hottest month. The highest temperature ever recorded is 42.8 degrees.  And with extremely high humidity, it feels even hotter here. The relative humidity ranges from 62% (mildly humid) to 97% (very humid) over the course of a typical July. The closer it is to raining, the steamier and more humid it gets.

Hanoi in summer

Hanoi in summer

Speaking of rain, heavy rain is another feature of Hanoi summer

From February onward, the rainy season begins, hits its peak during April but continues till the end of August. Therefore, prepare yourself for the blazing sun during the day and thunderstorm in usually late afternoon and night. One thing you are being all sweaty and sticky, next thing you know, it is raining cats and dogs. See how extreme Hanoi summer is! You might think that for us locals, it would be just a daily event because we are used to it. True but it doesn’t mean that we like it.

In fact, Hanoians are not big fans of summer at all

Hanoians are not a big fan of summer at all

Hanoians are not a big fan of summer at all

Truly speaking, Hanoi citizens actually never really used to the summer. Here’s why:

  • You can cook beef and make scrambled egg using heat from the sun at noon;
  • not everyone has air conditioner at their homes;
  • then they have to use fans which blow out hot steamy wind, making the conditions even worse;
  • it gets you burnt which is not a really good look, having considered that we Vietnamese like to have fair skin;
  • you sweat so much you don’t even have to go to the bathroom;
  • It is so hot Pho (beef noodle soup) is not even an option. And you know how Hanoians love Pho (!).

The heat makes doing anything a chore. Almost no one wants to get down to the streets when the sun is up. That’s why when sundown, people compensate for it by crowding up the city.

Hanoi nightlife

Hanoi Old Quarter at night

Hanoi Old Quarter at night

Lakes, St. Joseph Cathedral and the old quarter are among the busiest spots of the city at night.  After a long sunny day, some people gather with friends for a beer or iced tea, some exercise around breezy lakes, and others just take out their scooters and wander the city. Whatever the activity is, just getting out of the house for some fresh air and the cool wind is enough to refresh the mind and body for the next same cycle.

After reading all of the above, you might have figured that summer is not the best time to come to Hanoi. Definitely! However, the good news is you will always be welcome here and if you accept the heat, you might be surprised at how much Hanoi you’ll get.

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