Best food cannot be ignored if you travel Hanoi in autumn

Best food cannot be ignored if you travel Hanoi in autumn
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Hanoi is well-known for not only beautiful landscapes and unique works but also diverse cuisine. The journey taste autumn in Hanoi will give tourists the chance to taste the delicious and wonderful dishes of Hanoi cuisine.

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Com of Vong village

Com of Vong village is perhaps the most special snack in Hanoi cuisine. Dishes from “com” are always loved by Vietnamese and foreign diners and contribute to diversifying Vietnamese cuisine.

“Com” is found not only in Vong village (Lang Vong green sticky rice), Hanoi. However, perhaps the elegant taste of this kind of snack can be found nowhere else. “Com” of Vong village is considered a cultural feature of the millennial capital city. And “Com Vong” has become a familiar specialty of Hanoi whenever autumn comes.

Com of Vong Village (via Wiki Phununet)

Dracontomelon fruits

When the winds of the autumn come is the time dracontomelon fruit is ripening on the streets of Hanoi. Small, round, yellow-ripen fruits are packed with so many memories of those who grew up or lived in the capital.

Seeing ripening dracontomelon fruits, many people immediately think of the fall of Hanoi. The dracontomelon fruits are peeled then sugared or salted are the favorite junk food of many people. In Hanoi, there are many streets with rows of dracontomelon trees, such as Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao... The trees are very high so few people noticed the ripe fruit on the trees.

Moon Cake

Moon Cake (via Sheraton Hanoi Hotel)
The moon cake isn’t a street cake as it’s expensive and probably not affordable for many people. In the past or even now the moon cake is always a sweet dream for many kids in Vietnam. Today the moon cake is getting much more expensive, becomes a luxury gift item.

Shrimp Cake

From a kind of snacks, shrimp cake now becomes a specialty in Hanoi. There is a road in Hanoi city that called Thanh Nien Road. People when crossing this road want to try some shrimp cakes because this cake became the most famous food in this street.

Sapodilla in Xuan Dinh Village

Sapodilla of Xuan Dinh Village (via Hanoi City Breaks)
Being imported to Vietnam from Central America a long time ago, sapodilla has become quite popular nowadays in the recent 20 years. This fruit is grown mostly in northern Vietnam, with the shape of an egg and brownish skin. When ripe, the brown and yellow pulp is very juicy and has a molasses-like taste. Sapodilla offers fruit every month of the year, and the place that has the best one is Xuan Dinh, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

Guava Dong Du Village

Situated on the bank of the Red River and is consolidated by the rich alluvial land, Dong Du Village, Gia Lam District, Hanoi is famous for its delicious guava which is harvested all year round.

The land in the village is good for different kinds of trees, including guava. Although the guava trees have fruits all the year round, they provide the greatest number of fruits in July and August.

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