Best camping spots without going far from Hanoi

Best camping spots without going far from Hanoi
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You want to experience camping on the coast, on the windswept highlands or along the forest not too far from Hanoi? The following destinations are ideal choice for you. Check out below.

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Ham Lon Hill, Hanoi

It is located in the north which is 50 kilometers far from Hanoi. Tourists may easily travel in the direction of Thang long – Noi Bai highway and then turn to 35 highway. Ham Lon hill area attracts many young adventurous people who want to experience the feeling of camping in the forest.

Ham Lon is suitable for young alpinists with full types of terrain such as lake, forest, grassland. In addition, this area is quite safe. Tourists may buy some necessary belongings at local people’s houses and you just have to pay VND15,000 per night for parking.

Ham Lon hill is reasonable place for traveling in a group. You can set up your tent by the lakeside or in the mountain which depends on the time of year. Be careful with the rain forest and strong wind to keep camping groups in safety.

Ham Lon Hill camping (via Việt Nam Phượt -

Dong Cao highlands, Bac Giang

Dong Cao is situated 150 kilometers far from Hanoi. From Hanoi, you follow national route 1A and then the highway 31 to An Chau town. It is about 30 km from there to Dong Cao. Or from the center of Bac Giang city, tourists can travel in the direction of Dong Son district and then turn to 10 km pathway to highlands area.

Dong Cao is an exciting destination with grasslands and large stones. This region has ideal conditions for camping. Visitors can enjoy fresh air and breeze from the hill to valley. You can view Dong Cao highlands from the top of the mountain. Visitors come across Dao ethnic minority easily because they herd their animals here. Visitors need to prepare fully because there are not many residents here. However, this area is safe because people are friendly and good-natured. You have to pay just 10,000 VND for parking overnight.

Dong Cao Highlands (via

Hai Thinh beach, Nam Dinh

Coastal camping allows you to enjoy the interesting atmosphere at sea through night if you have a chance. Hai Thinh Beach is 160 km far from Hanoi along 21st Highway. Hai Thinh is located in the west of Nam Dinh. It belongs to Thing Long town, Hai Thinh commune, Hai Hau district. This is clean and safe beach, stretching about 3 km sand.

There are not many visitors here so you can enjoy camping without being affected. Everyone can take pleasure in a peaceful setting in the early morning and at sunset.

Co To Island, Quang Ninh

Camping at Co To island (via Lead Travel)

The tents of Co To Eco Lodge are situated about 6km far from Co To (Cô Tô) town center. Those “duck tents” are made from wood, having unique and friendly design for the environment. Tourists just need to open to door to wallow into the beautiful nature in blue water and cool squeeze of Hong Van (Hồng Vàn) Beach.

In the evening, this is a wonderful time to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones on the beach or have a party with friends, enjoy fresh seafood like shrimp, squid, fish and snail. Here, the price for one night is approximately 500,000 VND / two individuals. In the early morning, you could witness the stunning dawn on the beach.

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